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We are happy to provide advice concerning dog training strategy and technique selection. Problem-solving and other matters related to dog acquisition and behavior modification. Contact us to arrange a time to meet in person, for us to give you a call on the phone or over Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are single training sessions designed to teach one behavior or trick at a time. These are a great option for owners looking to train their dogs at their own pace one lesson at a time. Private lessons can be done in the comfort of your own home! You can also come to us at a discounted price!

Board & Train Programs

If you love interacting with your dog and want to strengthen the bond even more than you already have with your dog, you are going to love our Training Packages! We have basic obedience packages, advanced obedience packages, dog sports packages! Some unwanted behaviors can be corrected with obedience packages as well.

Group Classes

Group classes are usually designed for both basic and advanced off-leash obedience as well as safe and polite socialization. If you or your family and friends enjoy training, practicing or just getting out and doing fun stuff with their dogs the group classes are a blast!

Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for group class dates and times! 

If you are interested in group classes please feel free to contact us by phone, text, Facebook or Instagram.

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