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Dog Training Areas of Focus

Basic Obedience 

If you have a puppy, a recently adopted dog, or a dog that has not been trained, basic obedience is where you want to start! In basic obedience training, your dog learns HOW to perform the five basic obedience behaviors (come, sit, down, heel and place) and understands that it MUST perform the behaviors on command. This is taught in a fun, motivating, humane training process! All basic behaviors are taught ON-LEASH.


Advanced Obedience 

*Off Collar Obedience Training* 

As a dog lover and dog owner, there is no better feeling than allowing your dog the freedom to be a dog without being confined to a leash! If your dog already knows basic obedience the next phase in your dog's training could be advanced off-leash obedience. In advanced off-leash obedience, your dog will learn HOW to perform all basic obedience behaviors reliably on command while enjoying off-leash freedom! Your dog will also learn to obey commands with greater distractions, at greater distances and will be able to hold commands for longer durations! This allows your dog the ultimate off-leash freedom it deserves while being reliably obedient, well behaved, and safe!


Behavior Modification

Does your dog jump up on people, pull you all over the place while on walks, get aggressive when it sees other dogs/people on walks? Or maybe your dog steals food from the kitchen counters, goes through the garbage, or chews your possessions or furniture... you need behavior modification! If your dog has any bad habits, unwanted, destructive, or dangerous behaviors, we can STOP them humanely, with our tried and true, Behavior Modification techniques!


Puppy Training

Our puppy management program will save your sanity as well as your valuables! Say goodbye to accidents inside the house! No more crying and barking frantically in the crate! Chewed-up shoes, furniture, and other valuable or dangerous items will be a thing of the past! Our puppy management program has got you covered! Learn how to make the perfect schedule customized specifically for your situation to help your dog learn to go potty outside and eliminate accidents inside the home. Crate train your dog in only a few days to help you get more sleep at night and a calm, quiet dog during the day while eliminating the future possibility of separation anxiety! You will also learn techniques to help your dog understand what IS ok to chew and what IS NOT ok, plus so many more helpful tips and tricks!

Dog Sports & More

Have you ever heard the saying "a tired dog is a good dog"? It is true! Not only does your dog need exercise to be "good" but it is also necessary for a healthy dog. Learn how to teach your dog fun games like fetch, tug or frisbee! Once your dog learns "the rules" of the games you will learn how to use them to build insane amounts of focus and engagement with your dog! You also learn the art of rewarding your dog with the games and activities that your dog finds the most enjoyable making exercise, training, playing with your dog so fulfilling and much fun!

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